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About Our Office

The Allen County Board of Commissioners consists of three members elected by the voters to act as the legislative authority for the County. Primarily, this authority includes placing county-based taxes on the ballot for voter approval and apportioning these collected taxes to the many elected officials, boards, and agencies of the County.

More importantly and in addition to this responsibility, the Commissioners have a broader leadership role. Derived from interaction with constituents, the Commissioners have developed a plan for Allen County and a set of spending priorities that reflect this vision. This vision includes plans for the County's economic development, for the preservation of a safe and healthy community, and for a wide variety of direct services.

The members of the Board are constantly on the move, traveling around the County. Each Commissioner represents the County in numerous community organizations to keep in close contact with various interest groups and the needs of citizens. (Please click Commissioners to view the biographies of your Commissioners.) In its official capacity, the Board also presides over annexation petitions, inspects and maintains ditch conditions, and rules on proposed road and alley boundary changes.

The Commissioners strive to identify and achieve the goals necessary to keep Allen County thriving and maintain its leadership status within the State of Ohio. The Board serves as ambassador of our community by meeting regularly with state organizations to insure our County keeps in step with new legislation and opportunities for enrichment and growth.

Board Departments

While the Commissioners work diligently to listen to the heartbeat of the community, the administrative offices serve to implement their directives and oversee the distribution of monies to the offices. The functions of these offices are diverse and require the expertise of specialists to run each operation.

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