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Listed below are frequently asked questions and answers that will help guide you through the Welcome to CSEA packet referring you to the specific areas to meet your needs.

1) Who do I contact with questions about my support order?
Please refer to the Important Contact Information sheet to direct you to the appropriate area to meet your specific need. If you are unable to identify the appropriate area to meet your need, contact the Customer Call Center at 419-224-7133 or toll free at 800-224-7133. (See Important Contact information sheet)

2) I have received child support forms in the mail and do not understand the terminology.
Contact the Customer Call Center at 419-224-7133 or toll free at 800-224-7133. (See Child Support Terms and Definitions sheet)

3) Now that I have a child support order, what am I required to do?
This is your child support order and you must be an active participant. It is your responsibility to notify CSEA of certain changes. (See Obligor and Obligee Responsibilities information sheet)

4) Deductions have not begun from my income source. How do I make a payment?
It is your responsibility to ensure your child support obligation is paid in full each month. You must provide CSEA with a current income source. (See Enforcement/Wage Withholding information sheet) If no income source is available, you must make payments on your own. CSEA offers several options for making support payments. (See Financial/Payment information sheet) Do not make direct payments to the Obligee, as CSEA cannot give credit for direct payments. By law, direct payments are considered a gift. 5) What are the different options available for receiving payments?
CSEA has two options available, in addition to mailed checks. They are Direct Deposit and Ohio E-Quick Pay (Debit MasterCard). (See Financial/Payment Information sheet)

6) My payment was short, late or for an incorrect amount. What do I do?
Contact the CCC, who will investigate the problem with the income source. Contact the CCC at 419-224-7133 or toll free at 800-224-7133.

7) How often can I expect to receive payments?
CSEA is unable to guarantee frequency of payments. If deductions are being received from an employer, frequency of payments will depend on Obligors pay periods. (See Enforcement/Wage Withholding information sheet)

8) There is a past amount due on my child support case. How does this get paid?
Additional monies may be added to the monthly obligation. (See Enforcement/Default information sheet) In addition, further Enforcement techniques may be initiated. (See Tax Refund Intercept/FIDM Lump Sum Bonus information sheets)

9) What do I do if payments are more than thirty (30) days late AND no income source for the Obligor can be located?
Referral to the Attorney may be made for possible court action. (See Enforcement/Motion to Show Cause information sheet)

10) Circumstances have changed since my order was established. How could I have my order reviewed?
A CSEA caseworker will review the parties case and circumstances to determine if a review can be completed. Orders must meet specific criteria to qualify for the review process. CSEA is unable to guarantee the outcome. The order could increase, decrease or remain the same. (See Modification information sheet)

11) My child now lives with me and I am still paying child support.
Physical custody does not affect your child support order. CSEA cannot assist either party with custody/visitation issues. We will suggest you contact your own legal counsel.

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