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Financial Institution Data Match /
FIDM Lump Sum Bonus

FIDM is an enforcement tool used in the collection of arrears. Financial accounts that belong to delinquent Obligors are identified by CSEA. CSEA freezes and seizes these accounts. The following criteria is considered when the FIDM process is initiated:

  • Financial institution names and account numbers are needed.

  • Support Order must be at least six (6) months old.

  • There must be a minimum arrearage of over one month’s obligation.

  • The CSEA can still process FIDM even if the Obligor is currently paying to reduce the arrears balance.

  • The Advance Notice of Default and Potential Action Notice must have been sent to Obligor. (See Default information sheet)

  • The Obligor cannot be in bankruptcy, but the CSEA can proceed once bankruptcy action has been resolved. Bankruptcy does not excuse the child support obligation, including arrears.

  • There cannot be pending court action, however the CSEA can proceed once the court action has been resolved.

  • Obligor’s employer is required to notify CSEA of any Lump Sum payment over $150.00. If Obligor is one month or more in arrears, CSEA will intercept payment.
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