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Allen County

301 N. Main Street
Room 204
Lima, OH 45801



Mona S. Losh, Recorder

Mailing Address:
PO Box 1243
Lima, OH 45802

Hours of Operation
8:00am to 4:30pm


              The Recorder is the County's official record keeper and is responsible for protecting a variety of legal documents, most of which relate to real estate transactions, including deeds, mortgages and liens. All subdivision plats are filed with the Recorder's Office.

The Allen County Recorder keeps records of the following: all property lines within the county, maps and plats of town lots or other divisions of land, records of deeds, mortgages, liens against properties for tax delinquency, records of powers of attorney, and the county's records of military service discharges.

All of the above records must be indexed and kept in the manner prescribed by law. A Recorder can be sued on his bond for failure to record, or for destroying, or defacing a record when not specifically permitted to do so by law.

Information recorded at the County Recorder's office is essential to all commercial and legal transactions involving real property. The County Recorder has made microfilms of many important documents and has stored the films in a safe depository. The fee charged for the recording of each class of document is determined by law. There is no fee for recording military service discharges.

The Recorder keeps on file a daily register of deeds and mortgages affecting real estate. This register is open to the public during business hours. Upon demand and payment of the proper fee, the recorder shall furnish to any person an accurate, certified copy of any record in his office and affix his official seal thereto. Fees are charged according to the number of pages in the document.

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